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Helping businesses streamline administrative processes that ultimately saves time and operational costs.

No obligation, no credit card, no software or downloads needed

Schedule Timeline

Easy to view timeline, manage all employees by locations.

Approve Shifts

Approve completed shifts and provide feedback for personal development.


Quickly see who's working today or tomorrow, and forecast wages for the next week.


Save time on payroll and import a digital timesheet.


Schedule and easily
communicate with your workforce.

Staffer allows you to schedule your workforce with instant app notifications, record time & attendance and streamline payroll processes that save time and operational costs in you business.

No obligation, no credit card, no software or downloads needed

Know Your Employee (KYE)

  • Powered by Scantek
  • Industry Leading ID Verification
  • Advanced Liveness Check
  • Verified in less than 30 seconds
  • Available in Android
  • Employee Due Diligence (EDD)

Staffer Pay

  • Simple, Easy To Manage
  • Integrated Platform
  • Instant Award Interpretation (50+ awards)
  • Singlr Touch Payroll Compliance
  • Accurate Data | Reporting
  • Leave Liability
  • Superannuation Liability

Staffer Profile | Document Management

  • Contact Information
  • Add Training Certifications and Tags
  • Availability Management
  • Performance Management
  • Staffer Self Service


  • View by Day | 3 Day | Week | Fortnight | Month
  • Add Single Shift | Immediate Publish
  • Draft Schedule Mode
  • Add Draft Shift | Drag and Drop
  • Manage Workforce in different locations
  • Forecast Total Shifts, Hours and Cost

Time & Attendance

  • Staffer Self Service App (iOS, Android)
  • Geo Fence Logic
  • Accurate Check In and Check Out
  • Approved by Supervisor/Manager
  • Contingency Time Capture Options

Workforce Management

  • Supervisor | Manager Permissions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Preview Schedule
  • Reoffer Cancelled Shifts
  • Approve Completed Shifts
  • Easily View and Manage Employees

Analytics | Reporting

  • Simple Reports
  • By Location | Date Range
  • .CSV Export Available
  • Custom Options Available

From the web dashboard or staffer app, employers can see

  • Add Shifts

    Set up your staffers work days straight from the app.

  • Arrived & Working

    See which staffers have arrived and are currently checked in.

  • Review and Approve

    Approve shifts and rate each staffers performance.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Use in built reporting and analytic tools to gain key insights into your business.

  • Forward Facing

    From the dashboard, employers can see who is scheduled to work.

  • Scalable

    Change to Big & Small.

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